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Cupid's Postbox

Confess Crushes Here

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Happy Valentine's Day!
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Got a secret crush? Want to tell the world about it? 21406 is your Valentine's Day postbox, just like in grade school. Drop a note anonymously or, if you're feeling brave, not!
(No sugar cookies, please! We recommend priority mail for those.)

To leave a message
Go to the community post with the appropriate letter of their first name or lj nick, and post to your heart's content. Just a note, though, if you want them to find it make sure to put their name in the subject heading! Let me reiterate: if you want someone to find your message, leave some identifying information for them in it. Name, nickname, pet name, even first initial.

To find messages
Do I really have to explain this one?

Arrrg! I don't have all day!
Luckily, the delightful mock2 has provided us with a search tool. Thanks mock2! If you did have all day, though, you should go read some of the Valentine's that aren't for you. There's an awful lot of love flying around in there...

Anonymous posting is turned on. Be good!

The Valentine's elves will be policing for rude messages or flamewars. This ain't the place - take it somewhere else. If you see something inappropriate (by this I mean obvious trolling, flaming or racial or sexual epithets) email the mod team at 21406 (at) the-looney-bin dot org with a linky. Thanks.

While not absolutely verboten, I'd like to discourage people from making "I love everyone on my friends list beginning with S!" posts. Do you really love everyone on your friends list? I thought not.

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